How to.

If you are looking for some general advice about a particular area then you may find what you need here – my guide to some of the big issues which many organisations face.  Please keep an eye on this page as the number of topics gets expanded.

•   How to… Incorporate


Other (re)sources.

There are lots of sources of information available online for charities and social enterprises although navigating through it all to find what you really need can be time-consuming and frustrating.  Some of the sources that I find most useful include:

•   The Charity Commission’s guidance

•   NCVO’s Know-how

•   Small Charities Coalition


Networks and consultancies.

DK Legal works closely with a number of other advisers who specialise in providing advice in complementary areas to not-for-profit organisations.  These include:

•   Action Planning

•   Advice for the Voluntary Sector (AFVS)

•   Illuminate Governance

•   Professional Governance Services